Don't get caught out if you get stuck in

Don’t get caught out if you get stuck in

Be prepared

Have you thought about how to get your essential shopping or medicines if you get told to self isolate for fourteen days? Let’s not get into stockpiling toilet rolls again, we all just need to make sure we’ve thought about what help might be at hand. Have you asked family, friends or neighbours if they can help?

  • Medicines:- Order medicines and purchase products as normal. There are enough medicines for everyone, so long as everyone only orders the prescriptions and buys the medicines they really need.
  • Food and essentials:- Become friends with your freezer, cook ahead and freeze meals, leftovers can be frozen too. Have a couple of tins in the cupboard.

There are all sorts of measures in place to ensure that everyone is able to get hold of their essentials one way or another.

Let’s be prepared

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