A voice for young people in Tandridge
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A voice for young people in Tandridge – Taylor O’Driscoll

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A voice for young people in Tandridge

Young people are a segment of the community that has been under-represented for a long time when it comes to local politics. That is not just exclusive to Surrey, but the problem exists nationally.

Most council chambers are not precisely the place where young people would like to spend there time.

Even in the Palace of Westminster, the youngest sitting MP is Nadia Whittome (Lab – Nottingham East). At 23 she is less than half the age average of a Member of Parliament.

However, at least in Surrey, there is a growing movement of young people who are tired of not having their voices heard.

Meet Taylor O’Driscoll, a 19-year-old community activist who lives in Caterham,  East Surrey and wants to be a voice for young people in Tandridge.

Taylor has published a video today to his Facebook page that is encouraging young people in Tandridge to make a stand and get their voices heard.

In the video, Taylor said “I am standing in the next district council election because I feel young people are not being represented in Tandridge. 

This next election will be a turning point in Tandridges’ history, and this is a chance for young people to make a massive difference. 

If you are sick of being ignored and want to serve your community, you should make your voice heard and sign up to stand in the election. 

If you want to find out more about being the next community representative for your area, sign up to my mailing list at taylorodriscoll.co.uk.”

The Residents Network thinks this is an excellent opportunity for young people to get involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

It is also a great way to gain valuable experience that many employers are looking for. A local authority councillor is also a paid role, and while it is not a vast amount of money, in Tandridge (at the time of writing) the basic taxable allowance for councillors is £359.75 per month. 

Councillors are also able to claim reasonable expenses and can receive additional payments for chairing committees and other additional responsibilities.

The Residents Network would like to applaud Taylor O’Driscoll for putting his head above the parapet and taking a stand for young people in the district he lives. We hope many other young people will follow his lead or at least help get behind a young person campaign so that this underrepresented segment of the community can have a strong voice in the Council Chamber in Tandridge.

Check out Taylor’s video “A voice for young people in Tandridge”

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